Sunday, March 29, 2009

Battle of the Blues

After I bought my Turquoise Suede Ron Rons, I knew I needed another pair of blue shoes (even before I wanted yellow shoes). Actually, I think I've been wanting a pair of blue shoes ever since I saw these Chloe shoes on NAP last year:

I already have a pair of navy shoes and I wanted one in a lighter shade of blue. When I saw these Chloes, I knew I found the perfect shade of blue. I also like the asymmetrical peeptoe. I like that these shoes can be dressed up and dressed down. What I was a little iffy about was the heel. The shape of the heel is a little too old-fashioned for me. So the search continued and then these:

Electric Blue Suede Madam Claudes. I think these were the shoes Elvis had in mind when he sang about blue suede shoes. The color is an eye-catching shade of blue with a perfectly sexy straight heel. Now, I'm am in deeper doodoo with my shopping ban so all I can do is drool over these babies.

Pic of MCs from tpf.


Elise said...

I don't really like the Chloe. The Madame Claude are perfect, I love the color

sumnboutme said...

Yeah, that blue suede is TDF! Once my ban is up (June 2009, hopefully), I'll try these babies on and maybe they'll find a spot in my closet. =)