Wednesday, February 06, 2008

In Search of...a Wallet

Like most things I really need, it takes me a while to find the "right" one...the "right" one being one that "feels" right and fits my needs. I can be picky especially when it's something that I've been thinking of getting for a while. Last time it was silver shoes (which I still have to wear) and this time it's a wallet. Not just any wallet...THE wallet. I want a long wallet that isn't too bulky. Nothing too 'old' looking but I don't want something trendy either (like those atrocious Juicy wallets, yuck!). I want something slim, simple and classic with enough pockets to hold everything I need to put in there. Oh, and I don't want a black one since I already have a black one. So far, nothing has tickled my fancy. The search goes on...

Marc by Marc Jacobs
Distinguished Dot Flat Wallet
$88 on

This wallet is simple and classic. It's not black. What's wrong with it? Not enough compartments and no where to put my coins!

Continental Wallet
$330 on

This wallet is slim with tons of credit card slots, pockets and a coin holder. The problem? It's monogrammed! Ick!

Cannage "D" Clutch
$495 on

This would be the perfect wallet for me. It has my initial! Too bad it's too bulky. And I hate that wrist strap but I guess that could come in handy.

Didn't I say I was picky?

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karempot said...

oooh i love dots.. maybe i should get that marc jacobs one.. i don't carry cash/coins anyway

Purse Addict said...

Dont get the Dior clutch cus its way too big to use as a wallet...

Purse Addict said...