Thursday, February 28, 2008

Great China Wall

No, you didn't read that wrong. I won't be blogging about the Great Wall of China. This entry is about Great China Wall, the fashion label. I came across this label when I was perusing a sale online. It was late at night and I attiributed my initial shock to my tired eyes. Apparently my eyes weren't that tired and I was seeing the prices correctly.

After further 'research', I learned that this label is based in Los Angeles and they have been around for a while (approximately 8 years). Each piece is unique because it is hand-sewn and embroidered. Some of their pieces are also handpainted and dyed and some have leather cutouts senw on. This is probably why their prices are ridiculously high. Their prices range from about $150 - $3,000.

They're major clients are celebrities and rock stars (or their kids anyway). Most of their collection focuses on loungewear but they bags and belts are also available.

(L-R Crystal Rose Anchor Hoodie, $1,144; Skull Crystal Cross Tank Dress, $550; Travel Bag, $2,750)

Photos courtesy of Blue Bee.

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