Friday, February 15, 2008

Golden Goose

I stumbled upon Golden Goose as I was browsing through Shopbop's (surprise, surprise) shoe section. I immediately fell in love with a pair Golden Goose boots (ah, the pleasures of love at first sight). Sadly, it's out of my range but I researched the label anyway.

Golden Goose is an Italian label launched in 2000 by husband and wife team, Allesandro and Francesca Gallo. Their collection is still of limited availability here in the US but I'm sure it wouldn't be long before it gets picked up by major retailers.

I have to admit their design aesthetic for their clothing line borders on preppy but their boots are to die for. You all know I love my flat boots and Golden Goose makes the....hmmm, what's the word I'm searching for vintage-inspired boots out there. Each boot is handmade and distressed (which explains the price) so no two boots are alike (even better). Even from pictures alone, you can see attention that was put to every detail. If these boots ever went on sale, I'd get a pair for sure.

**Note: Although I am professing my love for these boots, I can tell right now that some of you will not like these boots at all.**

(L-R: Charlyle Boot-$1,050 at Shopbop; Dakota Boot-BP475 at Ruby and Tallulah)


Riccardo said...
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Riccardo said...

"..if these boots ever went on sale, I'd get a pair for sure."

I have some boots on sale..ask if interested