Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Gerry's Grill

At the beginning of the year, I heard from my cousin that Gerry's Grill opened in Southern California. This is the same cousin whose family I visited in the Philippines last year and told us not to eat at Gerry's Grill - purely for health reasons. I've heard good things about Gerry's from my friends so I was quite excited when it opened.

I first had my taste of Gerry's about 3 weeks ago. I wasn't too impressed then but I gave them the benefit of the doubt since they've only been open for about a week. Last Sunday, I took my mom there. It was Super Bowl Sunday so there was no traffic and the place wasn't too packed. We were both hungry so we ordered a lot - Tokwa't Baboy and Pork Sisig for appetizers, Chicken Inasal and Grilled Squid for entrees and Crab Fried Rice. As usual in Filipino restaurants, we did not expect the appetizers to come first. The rice came first. A few minutes later the tofu came. Since we were both hungry, we dug in. The rice was good, better than the crab fried rice at Max's. At least, Gerry's used real crab as opposed to imitation crab. The tofu was a little bit disappointing. The tofu was overcooked and soaked in oil. The sauce was good but unfortunately, nothing could save that tofu. Fifteen minutes later, the rest of the meal came. The sisig was great. Cholesterol-laden, yes, but it tasted great nonetheless. The chicken inasal was ok. It was burnt in some places so parts of it were dry. It doesn't compare to the original Bacolod Inasal...miles apart in taste and execution. The squid was a little cold and rubbery. It would've been better if we got it hot and straight from the grill.

Overall, Gerry's is mediocre at best. I'm not sure if it's because they just opened or they're just not paying attention. This is only the second time I've been to Gerry's and both times the food has been overcooked. I guess the should hurry and get that liquor license. Drunk people don't usually care when the food is slightly charred.

Logo taken from Gerry's Grill website.
Food pictures taken by my phone.


karempot said...

mmm sisig! it's still better than any other filipino grill i've had here.. OTOH (on the other hand) the best chicken inasal I ever had was in Pagsanjan Falls in Laguna.. it's the half-way point to the falls.. the falls isn't that spectacular but the chicken is worth going back to.. if we have time in Dec I'd def go back..

Debbie said...

you should try the chicken inasal from Bacolod...the birthplace of chicken inasal