Monday, September 26, 2011

Val's Wedding

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I went back to LA late August for a short vacay and to attend my friend Val's wedding in Berkeley.  My friend Jen drove to LA from Arizona to pick me up and we drove north.  If you know me or Jen, you know it won't be a straight drive and you know the entire trip would just be pure silliness.

We left LA at 6am and we arrived in San Francisco at 9:30pm.  Good times!

Mandatory Hearst Castle stopover since we've both never been
silliness on the Heart Castle grounds
um, more silliness...
Pretty waterfall on the drive up....bruises on my leg on the hike down :(
Cocktail hour at the wedding
Alcohol + dancing = crazy Jen
I think the chick who took this pic thought we were/are retarded
I have more pics and Jen has even more (and sillier) pics....maybe I'll post more next time. 

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