Thursday, April 16, 2009

Gerard Darel: 24-Heure St. Germain Bag

I've been lusting over Gerard Darel bags for a while now but I've never followed through on a purchase. Now that I've seen the Spring/Summer 2009 collection, I'm dangerously close to hitting the "buy" button.

As per the title of this post, my fave is the St. Germain in the 24-Heure size. Well, If I'm being honest, I actually prefer the Utah but since python is illegal in California, I'm going to go with something a little more feasible. The St. Germaine is made of calfskin in a wide array of colors. The color which I love the most would have to be Butter (left) and Sky Blue (not the actual color name). And although I have never really felt the leather, I can only imagine that it's buttery soft.

Gerard Darel's line is not widely available in the U.S. so it's pretty tough to actually "try" one of his purses. There's a couple stores in Southern Cali that actually carries his purses so I guess I can start there.

Note: This is probably the worst-written post in the history on my blog. I wrote the whole thing while watching "We are Marshall" so suffice it to say that I was a little distracted. I heart sports movies. =)


Elise said...

There is a store Gerard Darel in my city, every time I can't resist to watch the bag, they are so perfect.

sumnboutme said...

I love his bags. I wish more stores in the US would carry his stuff.

SuziJ said...

I love these bags too. They are available to buy internationally from

Laura Pring said...

I agree with Suzi I have shopped with maboutique and had brilliant customer service and cheap shipping internationally. They now offer free shipping with in the UK!