Sunday, August 24, 2008

My American Apparel Haul

You can't really see anything except a big heap of clothes strewn about on my bed but that's my latest haul from AA. I could've probably taken a better picture (I'm vaguely contemplating an AA-style photo shoot), but that's all I have time for today. I wasted away my weekend on 2 of Stephenie Meyer's books (books that I was supposed to read on the plane to Hawaii). I guess impatience has its price...and it hasn't paid off.

So as I babble incoherently about my wasted weekend, I am at least a little excited to start the 64-hour countdown until I leave for my much-needed vacation. I just hope I have the patience and the energy to survive until my trip.

**Note: I just realized that I didn't talk about my AA haul, at all! HAHAHA. Oh well, I guess I will have to make good on that photo shoot. Oh the horror...


Purse Addict said...

SO...what did you think of Twilight??

S said...

oh my gosh. i recognize more than half the stuff in that pile.

love it!