Monday, August 18, 2008

British Men

I had the weirdest conversation with my ex, AK, the other day.

Me: I should move to England. British men are so hot.
AK: (hint of sarcasm) Really?!? British men are hot? How so?

Me: Well, first off, they have better style.

AK: If it rained more often, we'd have better style too (referring to Americans, particularly Californians).
Me: Huh? (Confused.)

I still don't follow his logic. But to illustrate my point (that British men are hot, just in case you weren't paying attention), here are my favorite ones:

Colin Firth - only one word to describe him...DASHING

Orlando Bloom - a little too pretty but his eyes are so gorgeous

Jason Statham - my all-time favorite bad boy...SO SEXY

As far as British style goes, who's a better style icon than David Bowie?

*Sigh* London should be my next vacation destination. Remind me again why I picked Phuket?


Purse Addict said...

Riiight...rain = style...uh huh...WATEVER!

sumnboutme said...

yeah, i know...i don't get it...

Plain_Jane_Too said...

he'a probably thinking when it rains (and cold) in the UK you get to be covered more, i.e., dressed instead of just plain shorts and tshirt or khaki and polo shirts like here in Cali. but I'm stretching and being very generous.

why Phuket, Thailand? you came from RP, what's the difference? it's a popular place to those who didn't grow up on an exotic island, while we did.

now London, you're talkin'... milan, rome, edinburgh, munich, vienna, etc... let's talk...

-tita c

MadsaboutU said...

British men have ugly teeth as far as I heard from my old co worker who was from Anyway, I do however agree that they dress better than Americans and their accent makes them sexier.

Why go to Phuket? because it's closer to Pinas and you don't like the rain (london).

sumnboutme said...

I always thought Italy would be the first place I'd visit when I get the chance. Turned out that I prefer the Hawaii, Phuket and Cancun it is...HAHAHA...

karempot said...

i loved london but i'll take the beaches over the rain. i'd rather be swimming with the fishes than bundled up in dark heavy coats. but def visit london and the rest of europe. i love italy the most.. the people and the food. everything about italy i love. the french are too snooty BUT the country is perfect for a romantic getaway so save that for when you get a boytoy.