Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Christian Louboutin New Simple Pumps

For a while now, I've complained to JJ that I really need new Louboutins. I know, I've complained that they're not too comfy but I still can't resist because they're too damn sexy. So I've been looking and looking and looking. I think the problem lay in the fact that I didn't have a particular type of shoe in mind so I couldn't "find" what I was looking for. JJ suggested I go with basic pumps since these will get the most wear because I work in a corporate environment. I thought about it and she had a point. Pumps are extremely versatile - it can be dressed up or down. My own twisted logic countered this argument with - "If I'm going to spend that much money on shoes, they better be special." And pumps are...not that special. Then again, if I buy special occasion shoes, they would only be worn on certain occasions and therefore, again with my twisted logic, not be worth it. What a conundrum.

Then I found these shoes and all logic went out the window.
Certain shoes do that to me. Almost like love at first sight. Anyway, I drooled and drooled over these shoes. I was certain that I've found my new Louboutins. Yes they're pumps, but they're not your basic black (which appealed to me even more). I thought about all the things I have that will go with these new shoes. And then, I thought about the price, because let's be honest, if I complain about wasting money on coated canvas bags I don't want to be a hypocrite and spend $790 on flannel shoes. This thought did not sit well with me. I mean, FLANNEL. I don't even wear flannel pajamas and here I am contemplating $800 flannel shoes.

Then I opened my closet and saw these:
My $24 flannel shoes from Target that I've only worn once. That's when I decided to close the book on the Louboutins. Sure they're Louboutins and not Isaac Mizrahi, but that doesn't mean I'll wear them more than I ever wore the ones I already have.

I still think the Louboutins are very pretty. I just don't think they're $790 pretty.

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