Sunday, January 31, 2010 Haul is closing down and they are are having a closeout sale.  I stumbled onto this sale a few weeks back but they were having problems with their website so I forgot about it. 

Last night, I happened to stumble onto their website once again.  They don't have much left.  It was a little frustrating at after click, stock is sold out.  After a while, I did manage to add a few things to my cart.  Usually, I try to avoid sales like these because I almost always buy things I never ever wear.  I think I did pretty good this time though since it wasn't rally a "sale" sale.  All non-sale items are70% off and I couldn't resist.

I picked up:

COH Avedon Skinnies

American Vintage Leggings

Kersh Striped Cardi

All three items, including shipping, came out to less than $100!!!  Now tell me, would you have been able to say no to that??!!??


WendyB said...

Always wondered how they were constantly giving stuff away on dozens of different blogs....

cheeky_deb said...

i think some of those giveaways are sponsored and other peeps are just rich :p