Wednesday, September 03, 2008

I have a new toy!

Not the boy kind, but my new toy should keep me preoccupied for a while (heehee)... I'll share it with you once I get it (Monday at the latest). Meanwhile, this is what I gave up to get my new toy:

I know, you must all think I'm crazy for letting a Metallic Black 2.55 in size 228 go. I had it in my hands, all wrapped up in a pretty box with pretty ribbons and my bank had to go crazy on me. Yes, it was my fault. I should've let my bank know I was travelling ahead of time. When my card was declined, I had to call my bank's fraud department to let them know that the charge was legit. Then they tell me that their computers are down and I had to try again in an hour. The store was closing. I only had 15 minutes left. So, I put the bag on hold. Big mistake. Once I got back to the hotel, I knew I was never going to see that bag again. I wasn't worried about people buying it. I knew I was going to change my mind the minute I left Chanel empty handed. *Sigh* Oh well, I guess I was never meant to have that bag. At least I have my shiny new toy to keep my mind off the bag that got away...

For those interested in the bag, I still have the SA's information. Email me and I'll give you her info. I'm sure they'll have no problem shipping it for you.

**Note: The Chanel boutique I went to is the one in Waikiki.
They have the metallic black 2.55 in a variety of sizes. They also have the Matte Black in 225 and the Metallic Blue in 225 and 226. The 228 goes for $2980.

Photo courtesy of chanelfans on The Purse Forum.

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Purse Addict said...

The jumbo here sells for $2850 but i guess Waikiki is making up for the sales tax...