Friday, September 19, 2008

Fall Shoes

So far this Fall season, only two pairs of shoes have caught my eye. I've always been a little on the picky side so as you have probably noticed, I very rarely find anything that I absolutely love. There are things that I like but almost always, I will find a flaw and convince myself that it's not really worth it.

These two pairs of shoes, although worlds apart in style, are completely perfect for me. The perfect juxtaposition of soft and hard, of feminine and masculine. I did warn you that my choices tend to get very schizophrenic, very unpredictable.

Emmanuel Ungaro Branch Heel Sandals

Available at Net-A-Porter for $1055.

I think these sandals are absolutely gorgeous. The color palette is extremely muted so it can be paired with pretty much anything in my closet. I love the branch detail of the heels. Some may find it a little kitschy but I adore it. These shoes speaks volumes in terms of style. Love it!

Ann Demeulemeester Triple Lace-Up Flat Tall Boots

Available at Barneys and Saks for $1795.

I first saw these on the Barneys Fall Shoe Catalogue and immediately fell in love with them. I know I've featured the designer on my "What the Fug?" series before but I think she completely redeemed herself with these boots. The perfect casual flat boot for Fall that will look great for casual Fridays here at work. These boots aren't for everyone though. Not a lot of girls can pull these off but if you can, my hats off to you.

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Paz123 said...

Great design..! Those branch heel sandals are looking awesome and stylish.