Friday, May 08, 2009

Current CL Want/Need List

I think I mentioned before how I love making lists. I make shopping lists, grocery lists, to-do lists. Recently, I started a CL list since I wanted to restrict my CL purchases. Here's my list so far:

1.) Black Jazz DecolletesWe all need a pair of basic black pumps. I know CLs can be a little bit much for basic black pumps but the red sole adds a little kick to an otherwise bland/boring shoe. And yes, I, in fact, do NOT own a pair of black CL pumps. These need to be in my closet. NOW.

2.) Madame Claude in Hot Pink Patent or Blue Suede
I've posted about the Blue Suede and how much I love them. A couple weeks ago, I tried on the hot pink patent ones at Barney's and I fell in love too. I'm not sure which one wins in my book but I know I need a pair. Maybe even both.

3.) Something nude.
The Nude Patent Very Prive (not the one above) is probably one of the most sought-after nude-colored shoes out there. The CL boutiques received shipments of these shoes early this year and were pretty much sold out as soon as they received them. One day, I'll own a pair. At this point, they don't have to be VPs as long as they're nude. On second thought, maybe these aren't for me. Back in February, I tried on a pair of Nude New Simples and they couldn't find the mate. We'll see.

4.) Something fun.

This is always the best thing on my list. It doesn't really restrict me with my choices and I already have a couple in mind...both of which I've posted about before.
The Differa is one FIERCE shoe. Probably hard to pull off without giving off an S&M vibe which is why it's probably best in a softer color - bone or ice blue. As much as I love it though, I really have no where to wear it to.

The Dillians scream fun and spring. Although a little bit too girly for my taste, I still love staring at this shoe. Like I said in my previous post on these, if they go on sale, they'd come home with me.

Note: Wedding pics will be posted soon. Sorry for the delay on that. I'm also studying for the GREs and I have a paper due soon and finals coming up so I'll be posting sporadically.

All images above courtesy of Saks and Net-A-Porter.


Purse Addict said...

No comment...LOL :P

sumnboutme said...

LMAO...yeah, i know...

ManoloChooLou said...

I want the first two you listed as well. I'm hoping I can acquire the black, red AND Pink Madame Claudes :)