Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Saks Haul - Shoes

Sorry for the long delay between posts. I didn't mean to tease you with a peek and wait a week to post the actual haul.

Before I let you in on my purchases, you can read about the whole experience on JJ's blog or you can just check out the madness from these photos.

I can't stress enough how terribly insane nor how stressful the whole experience was but I'm glad I experienced it because I have 1.) new shoes 2.) new bags 3.) Christmas present for my mom and 4.) a story to tell. I guess when all is said and done, it's the story that counts the most (at least in my opinion).

Anyway, I'll start you guys off with the shoes (coz you know it's all about the shoes).

A family pic

Scissor Girls in Purple Suede - I got these on Wednesday, the first day of the presale. JJ asked Saks the day before when the presale was going to start and the SA told her it was going to start on Thursday. I happened to stop by that afternoon and the sale had already started (apparently Saks decided to push it up a day early much to everyone's surprise). It was madness and I happened to chance upon the left side of this pair on one end of the Shoe Salon. Some girl (who happened to yell at me for touching her pile) left the right side on the other end of the Shoe Salon because the SA probably couldn't find the mate so I took it! I was lucky enough to find a pair that was my size.

Scissor Girls in Black Leather - Of all the pairs I grabbed Thursday morning (JJ and I had to go back for more), I ended up liking the same ones I already purchased the day before. I actually didn't mind so much since the looked nice on my feet (lol).

Very Prive in Brown Glittart (Tortoise Shell) - this elusive pair is my favorite! I actually almost bought these full price the week prior but I was hesitant because I thought they were a little snug. I had the SA locate a bigger size for me but no luck. I tried these on again on Wednesday night and I figure it's really not that snug, I could make it work. I asked the SA if they were on sale and he said "NO". So, I put them down and paid for the Purple Scissor Girls. Thursday morning, as we all rushed to the shoe section, I noticed these shoes were on the sale table so I immediately grabbed it. Now, it's in my closet and I'm a happy camper. Yay!

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