Tuesday, November 18, 2008


I'm so overwhelmed with all the sales going on, I think my head is starting to spin. Left and right, news of sales are going on. I think with the economy's current state (isn't it crazy that almost every other post goes back to the current state of the economy?), people are taking advantage of sales especially with the holidays coming up. Every website and every email I receive brings news of sales or additional mark downs. I guess it's the only incentive retailers have to keep consumers buying because if you go to the mall these days, it's scary how empty it is.

While I love giving presents, I'm not one who buys presents early (speaking of which I still have your birthday present K, sorry). I usually wait until a week before Christmas to buy presents. I think it's the extra pressure I thrive on. This year, I might have to take advantage of the sales...MIGHT being the operative word. We'll see. If I see a good enough deal, I'll let you know. In the meantime, these are the sales I know of:

Nordstrom - presale ongoing for Thanksgiving (must contact local SAs for info)
Burberry - 30% starting tomorrow
Saks - this weekend, and also early bird specials on Black Friday
NM - presale officially starts tomorrow but if you have an existing relationship with an SA then good for you, also extra 15% off if you use your NM card
YSL - 40% starts Friday (online and in stores although you'll probably have better luck in stores)
Revolveclothing.com - 30% off with code until Friday only (email me if you want the code)

Sample sales: (email me for info)
Marked Showroom - at the Cooper Bldg. this Thursday and Friday
William Rast/People's Liberation - this Saturday and Sunday
Citizens of Humanity - at the OC, this Saturday and Sunday
Seychelles and BC Shoes - warehouse sale this weekend

Enjoy!!! Oh, and make sure you share your finds with me!!!


karempot said...

you already gave me a gift, silly! with the one you still have you can just re-wrap it with a christmas wrapper or throw it in a bag with some christmas greeting and viola! an instant christmas present!

MadsaboutU said...

Are you going to the YSL sale? where is that at and I want to go! I have big exams coming up but I don't mind going this friday to get the purse I have been pinning on.