Friday, October 10, 2008

Paris Fashion Week

I wanted to call this post "Fall Fashion Inspiration" but seeing as it's a little late for that I decided to go with "Paris Fashion Week" since the pictures below were snapped at that event even though I will be talking about my fashion inspirations for this fall season. Confused yet? Me too.

1. A little rock n roll goes a long way
If I have a choice, I'd dress like this every day. I love the combination of rock and roll and grunge without running the risk of looking like you tried too hard. The unfussy hair and the flannel shirt give the outfit a laid-back feel while the boots and the skinny jeans add a touch of sophistication.

2. A pop of color

I love the unexpected pop of mustard in this outfit. Most people tend to go with rich and dark hues when it starts getting cold. The pop of mustard is like a little ray of sunshine. Yellows are not just for summer people.

3. A statement piece

I la-la-love this coat. One statement piece is enough to draw attention. You can do it with a piece of jewelry, a funky shoe, or in this case, a cool assymetrical jacket. The beauty of this piece is that it draws the eye with its shape, not because it's overly embellished or plastered with logos. Note how she wore a muted color palette so the coat stand out even more...tres chic!

Photos courtesy of Jak and Jil.

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