Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Lauren Conrad Sophie Dress

I'm not a fan of Lauren Conrad or The Hills so when Lauren started her clothing line, I paid it no mind. I see her stuff on Shopbop once in a while and it's nothing mind-blowing. I think it's geared toward the Forever 21 crowd.

Yesterday, I was browsing the sale selections at Shopbop and I saw this dress. I think it's really cute. Very summer-y (yes we are suffering from a heatwave here in SoCal), very laid-back...perfect for LA. I was surprised that it's from Lauren's clothing line. I think the dress is a perfect balance of innocence and sex appeal. And all my friends know that I have a penchant for anything short. Needless to say, this has my name written all over it. Unfortunately, it's not available in my size. So, all you lucky girls who are a M or a L, grab this dress from Shopbop. It's on sale for only $89.40!!!

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