Monday, February 04, 2013

New Shoes

As I was going through my blogs, I realized that I promised myself no new shoes in 2012.  I needed to recoup all the money I used from my savings in the two years I lived in NYC without a job.  Needless to say, I didn't follow through with that promise since I have two new pairs.

The first pair was one that I wasn't too sure about when it first came out.  I really liked it because it was very colorful and quite eye-catching but I was worried about wearability since it was a bit too colorful.  Over time, I realized that because of the myriad of colors, it really is quite easy to wear.  So, after searching and searching, I finally found my size on ebay.

Multicolor Greissimo
Here I am trying it on:

The second pair wasn't widely available in the US.  I think the first time I ever saw these were on tpf and they were purchased overseas.  They are also available in a few other colors - prettiest of which is the red.  I wasn't lucky enough to find the red ones in my size so I opted for green.

St. Pierre in Ostrich
Before these purchases, I went through my storage unit in LA and decided to let go of a couple pairs.  These two have been in storage for a while - one of which has never even seen pavement since it was purchased (over a year ago).  I still have a couple of unused pairs but that's beside the point.  Au revoir to these two pairs.  I hope their new owners wear them well.

Alta Iowa in Electric Blue Suede
Lace Yoyo Zeppa

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