Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Makeup Post - my first?

I think this may very well be my first makeup post.  I wear makeup minimally.  On regular days, it's eyeliner, mascara, tinted lip balm and powder.  For a night out, it's usually heavy on the eye makeup and a nude lip.  I'm not an expert on makeup and I like to try different brands.  There are some brands that I like and I usually stick with those brands, but once in a while I do like to venture out of my "comfort zone".
Latest makeup haul

Ok, since I'm not an expert on makeup, once in a while I consult with my friend JJ - who is not only a shoe guru but a makeup one as well.  Recently, I asked her about eyeliner.  My go-to eyeliner is the MAC Eye Pencil but these liners tend to run and by the end of the day, I look like a raccoon (not all the time but most).  I still love them and as you can see I bought a couple - Ebony and Coffee.

MAC Eye Pencil in Coffee and Ebony

I mean, what can I say...I'm a pretty stubborn gal.  But I did listen to her suggestion and added a new eyeliner to my arsenal.  After going back-and-forth with JJ about it (MUFE Acqua vs Urban Decay Glide-On), I decided to go with her suggestion.  Deciding on a color was another factor but I stuck to my trusty black.  Urban Decay has 3 different blacks so I picked one that's different from my other liners and picked Oil Slick - black with silver glitter.

Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil

Off to the next product, concealer.  When I was in LA, I was playing with my mom's makeup kit and I fell in love with her concealer.  Since I was at MAC, I decided to pick one up for myself.  This concealer is amazing - perfectly creamy and blends so nicely.  I used my fingers to blend but I'm sure someone could do better with a brush.  Also, in the pic below, the concealer looks darker than it actually is.

MAC Studio Finish SPF 35 Concealer in NW30
This next product I picked up from MAC is one of my favorite mascaras - X.  I was introduced to this mascara in 1999 when I had my makeup done to go to the Hustler Christmas party.  I've been using this mascara ever since.  It makes my eyelashes so voluminous but not in the spider-leg kinda way.  I love it.

MAC X Mascara

After I left MAC, I headed to Sephora where I picked up the rest of my haul.  Since that particular Sephora (Flatiron District) didn't have the Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette, I went ahead and picked up the original - Naked.  I've been hearing rave reviews and I absolutely love eyeshadow palettes so why the hell not, right?  I still had Christmas money left over.

Urban Decay Naked

While at Sephora, I also picked up a highlighter - not that I know how to use it but it looks so pretty on.  I decided on Makeup Forever's (MUFE) Uplight because this was the one I saw used by pixiwoo (my fave makeup peeps on youtube).  I tried the different colors on my skin and decided on #32.  I still need to figure out how to use it though.

MUFE Uplight in #32

I also bought blush.  Not that I use blush all that often but I like having the option.  Since the only blush I have is by Nars, I bought another one from them as well.  This time I picked a hue slightly darker than Orgasm.  I'm not sure I'll be able to tell the difference, but oh well.  The color I wanted originally is no longer produced (Gina).

NARS Blush in Torrid

The last product that I bought is more of an impulse buy.  It's a makeup setting spray.  You're supposed to spray it all over your face to make your makeup last up to 16 hours.  I bought the travel sized one since I'm not sure how often I'll use it.

Urban Decay All Nighter

As an aside, I do love shopping for makeup but the girls that work at Sephora in SoHo are such f*n bitches.  That's why I didn't buy anything there.  I ended up in Flatiron where the person I asked about the Naked 2 palette didn't look like she knew what I was talking about and proceeded to go to the corner of the store and text.  Nice customer service there.  This is why I'd rather shop online.  Although, I had a more pleasant encounter at MAC and the Sephoras in LA are so much friendlier.

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