Sunday, November 29, 2009

Green Python VPs...and updated shopping list

Why is it that when I thought I have finalized my Spring shopping list more gorgeous shoes pop up?!?! Ugh, this is so frustrating, but aren't these just amazing?

Nordstrom and Barney's are expected to receive these beauties as well as the CL boutiques in NYC (Horatio) and Miami. I think I'll be calling those places tomorrow to see who will/can ship me these babies since python is illegal in CA.

Meanwhile, here is my updated shopping list (not in any order):
-CL Poseidon or Toisson in Pearle
-CL VPs in Green Python (or should I get the Alta Damas???)
-CL Greissimo in Multi Damas
-CL Banana in Coral or Nude
-Blue or Purple purse (even though I really need a black structured one)
-Tiffany Keys necklace
-secret "welcome to grad school" reward (that someone already guessed)

My list is getting longer and longer...*sigh*. Why is my money tree not growing? Oh wait! I don't have one... darn!


Purse Addict said...

I'm good, huh??


lilmissb said...

I have those on my hit list too!

cheeky_deb said...

lol J, you are crazy good at guessing!

aren't they pretty T? i <3 them, even though they are very snake-like compared to the other pythons :)

angie said...

The Miami CL boutique carry the tuareg vps!!

cheeky_deb said...

Thanks angie! I actually decided against them coz someone told me they're not that cute in person :(