Saturday, October 24, 2009

Interview Outfit

I have received my very first invitation for an interview for graduate school (don't get too excited, they invite ALL applicants to interview). And while that is stressful enough, someone as vain as me will obviously stress about the interview outfit. Since the interview is late November in Pennsylvania, I am thinking it's going to be raining (or god forbid, snowing). The hotel I am staying at is on campus and about a block away from the interview site so I am thinking of wearing flats and switching to heels before the interview.

While almost everyone is advising to wear a suit, I am thinking otherwise. My reasons:
  1. I personally hate suits. I think they're too stuffy and I just feel wrong in them. In a stressful situation, I am opting to be a little bit comfortable.
  2. It will be cold so I will be wearing a coat. If I wear a coat over a suit jacket, I'm afraid the suit jacket will wrinkle and I'll look sloppy.
These are the looks that I am thinking of:

I like this look because it's something that I would actually wear. Also, it's demure and sweet and it doesn't look like I'm trying too hard to impress them.

The skirt might be a little much for a school interview. I think this look will work fine if the skirt were plain instead of leopard print.

I love the simplicity of this dress. With the right cardigan and a skinny belt, this dress would be perfect for the interview.

I think the trick is not to overthink the whole thing. Look classy and demure without trying too hard. After all, the outfit is only one aspect of the interview.

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