Saturday, September 12, 2009

Mad for Mad Marys!!!

I completely forgot that I haven't posted about these yet. A little back story: Early this year, I mentioned on tpf that the Mad Marys were my ultimate holy grail (UHG). One tpf-er emailed me and told me that there was one on ebay that was my size. I checked it out and it was indeed my size! The starting bid was a little steep but I figured these particular shoes are pretty hard-to-find at this point. Another pair popped up on ebay and I watched the 2 auctions and ended up losing both. Last month, the same tpf-er emailed me and asked if I still wanted the Mad Marys even though she knew I was on a "ban". I said, "of course" and she put me in touch with another tpf-er.

And without further very own Mad Marys!!! Gotta love tpf. :)

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