Saturday, August 22, 2009

Konichiwa! こにちわ!

I'm still in Japan but I got an email from my mom a few days ago that deserves a blog entry. I recently moved into a new apartment and my dad was kind enough to install shelving in my closet since the new place has NO room for my stuff. Shortly after I left, the shelves collapsed from the weight of my clothes. *SIGH* My mom has been an angel and has been fixing up my new place while I'm on vacation. I wonder if she has remedied the closet space issue...I can only dream.

And by the way, the shelves didn't collapse because I have too many clothes. Trust me, I don't have enough. It's simply because my new place only has one teeny closet (whereas my old place had almost triple the amount of closet space that I have now).  How's a girl supposed to survive with one TEENY TINY closet? I suppose I sound like a spoiled brat but if you saw my new closet, you'd understand.

If this is distressing, imagine how I'm going to fare in NYC! Assuming of course that I get in to Columbia, lol. *SIGH* Why can't I have this closet?


MadsaboutU said...

I want one of those closets too! I should be the one complaining, I share closet space with DH! Even Maddy has bigger closet space than I

cheeky_deb said...

my dream house needs (in this particular order): a huge library/office, an open kitchen and that closet :)