Tuesday, May 08, 2007

My Current Obsession with Chloé

Chloé is one of the many designer brands from Paris. This design house was established in 1952 and grew in popularity in the 60s when the company hired Karl Lagerfeld as their head designer. With Lagerfeld at the helm, the Chloé brand became a household name and rose to be one of the iconic brands of the 70s. In the late 90s, Stella McCartney gave the brand a younger, fresher look making it more appealing to the younger generation.

Over the years, Chloé has turned out feminine frocks that are utilitarian but subtly romantic. However, my obsession with Chloé begins with their accessories particularly the 2006 'it' bag, the Paddington.

Why am I so obsessed with this bag? As The Bag Snob puts it: "The leather is super slouchy and soft but ultra durable and scratch resistant. The medium size is functional for everyday and it’s perfect for a fun night of clubbing as well. The pockets on both sides are great for sliding in your cell phone and keys. The downside, it weighs in at a hefty three pounds! The lock alone is half a pound but the Paddington is just not the same without it so us fashion slaves will just have to look fabulous toting it straight to our chiropractors office." To amend that statement regarding the lock, the new generation of Paddingtons have smaller and lighter locks although the big padlock was part of its appeal.

Net-A-Porter sold 376 of these bags in 36 hours. Black is the most common of all the bags but the other colors are just as beautiful. The new summer collection features a white Paddington with contrast stitching . I can't wait to get my hands on it!

For more information on the Chloé brand, please refer to: http://www.chloe.com/.

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